The Hair Hack of the Century

Mis à jour : 21 nov. 2020

If you're reading this you're probably curious as to what could possibly be the hair hack of the CENTURY, right? Let's talk about what would qualify as a hair hack.

  1. Saves time and money

  2. Convenient

  3. Benefits greatly outweigh the effort put into it

With that being said, lets talk about this hair hack of the CENTURY. If you have dry hair and/or dry scalp, pay attention. This hair hack will reverse dryness easily. You'll want to use it during your pre poo treatment. Pre pooing is clutch because it stimulates your scalp, reduces irritation and inflammation. Often times shampoos will further irritate the scalp and strip the hair leaving you with more work in restoring the moisture balance in your hair afterwards. This hair hack will not only save you time because there will be less work restoring this balance but it will save you money as well because you'll be using less product in doing so. Prepooing is super important so you should definitely get into the habit of doing them but why not get the very BEST out of it?

We ALL condition our hair. This is a well known fact. But finding the right conditioner for your hair can be cumbersome to say the least. The hair hack of the CENTURY will take your conditioning treatment from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. It helps to naturally detangle, increases nourishment and aids in the restoration of the moisture balance in your hair. Here we are again saving time, money and the benefits greatly outweigh the effort. A small hack that will change the way you deep condition FOREVER!

Are you buckled in? Because I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND! This hair hack scrunches out the crunch! So if you have been wearing wash n' gos or use gels and/or mousse to hold your curls this hack will relieve you of the crunch those products may leave behind. You read that right, sis. How convenient is that?

So what is this mystery hair hack of the CENTURY? I'm glad you asked. Crown Growth Oil. It is THE all natural formula designed to maximize moisture retention and provide your scalp and hair with unparalleled nourishment. It is an incredible pre poo treatment that reverses dry scalp and dry hair. Mixing a small amount of it in your conditioner makes a TREMENDOUS difference, aiding in the moisture balance unique to your hair. And lastly but not least, not only will it SOTC but will feed your hair nutrients and maximize moisture retention that will mitigate any drying effects the hold products may have.

There you have it, Crown Growth Oil is the official hair hack of the CENTURY! And you don't have to brake the bank to get it. Try our Crown Growth Oil Almond Edition if you're experiencing any severe breakage, shedding or thinning. It's our rehabilitation formula and is proven to help reverse these common hair issues. Enjoy 15% off your next order by using code HHOTC! Once you've tried this hair hack for yourself tag @QueensMagicHair and hashtag #hairhackoftheCENTURY

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