Why Our Hair Consultation and Regiment Planning Session Will Save Your Hair

When you begin the journey of natural hair and stop getting relaxers for good it’s the best feeling of being completely and utterly LOST you’ll ever feel in your entire life! *chuckles* I mean, you’ll feel inspired, liberated, anxious and not have a single clue on where to go from there. And there is nothing wrong with that because some of us tend to catch on to what works and what doesn’t fairly soon along the way. But then there’s people like my mom who NO MATTER WHAT will find a away to forget there’s a whole head of hair on her shoulders and will do all items below the minimum requirement to keep her hair healthy. She works A LOT and would rather me come show her what she needs to do and how often so she can task it like everything else in her day (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Some of us just have a ton of responsibilities and hair just simply doesn’t make the cut as a top priority. So the research that goes into it is dumped for the old trial and fail method. The problem with that is you’ll waste a ton of time and even worse, MONEY. I get so many DMs about ways to help queens with their hair journey and one day I realized after receiving yet another ‘thank you, what you recommended is actually working!’ email (which makes my hair sing btw) I should offer a service that will not only help my customers yield the best results with my Crown Growth collection but also get them on the path of making the right choices for their hair technique wise as well. It was a no-brainer. When you sign up the Hair Consultation and Regiment Planning Session you’ll receive a questionnaire that explains your nexts steps and how to prepare. Some of it is sending me photos of your hair, problems areas and answering questions about what you’ve tried and your current regiment. I get as much info as I can and plan our session accordingly. I want to be as productive as possible so it’s important that you’re transparent and prompt. That way you know exactly where to start and what products to look for. I will follow up in 3-4 weeks time to see how everything is going and if we need to tweak your action plan. These sessions are conducted over the phone to offer convenience for customers who life a very busy lifestyle and gives you the opportunity to follow along some experiments in the comfort of your own home (the judgement free zone). I’m confident you’ll love what you takeaway from it and you’ll feel more empowered to continue your natural hair journey. I look forward to speaking with you soon Queen 💜 Peace & Blessings to you 💜

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