Black Hair Magic

Creating a space for Black women to spread nothing but love, positivity and encouragement among each other was the goal for our networking/natural hair care workshop, Black Hair Magic. There was an energy of intentional connecting and transparency that made the evening blossom into laughter and shared experiences. I am so excited for what is to come and grateful for what transpired. Queens from different walks of life were in attendance from cosmetologists to dental hygienist. John Coltrane was in the background and we kicked the night off with wine tasting; Blends have more fun, at Total Wine & More in Charlotte, NC and snacks. The Queens were given note cards to write two things: 1. One struggle you have or have had with natural hair 2. One of your favorite things you love about your hair

After we introduced ourselves we talked about what was written on the notecards and shared solutions to the struggles that women were experiencing. We discussed tips like:

1. Rinsing your hair with cold water 2. Massaging product into your hair vs applying it all at once 3. Don’t get caught up in shedding (it’s normal ☺️) And so much more on moisture retention, the LOC method and high/low porosity hair needs. The discussion was great! We ended the night with a scavenger hunt on and gave away prizes. It. Was. Amazing! Everyone received a gift from Queen’s Magic hair as well. It is my hope that you all took away a jewel whether it was about your hair or a connection that was made. I look forward to hosting many, many more Black Hair Magic workshops in the future. Thank you all for coming and making the evening one that was unforgettable!

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