Black Panther & How I Am Going To Make This Hair Related.

Today is the release of Black Panther the highly anticipated Marvel movie that has all of Black Twitter and well, THE REST OF THE WORLD on the edge of their seats! I couldn't NOT talk about it. One of the actors in the movie, John Kani, said that this movie gives us a vision on what Africa would've looked like absent of colonization by the Europeans (& Middle Easterners). I'm so overwhelmingly excited to see what my grandchildren or maybe even my son's generation will grow and build. The Natural Hair Movement has opened so many doors because when we opened the door of self-love wide open, Blackness has been more celebrated and illuminating ever since. #BlackGirlMagic #BlackLivesMatter #BlackBoyJoy and all of the incredibly popular hashtags that exist glorifying #BlackExcellence (see what I did there🙃) exist because Black men & women said 'As the original man/woman, I LOVE ME SOME ME!' Please don't argue with me on this one. Now Kings and Queens, look at what we have here? Feast your eyes on you.....

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