Relaxed vs Natural The Secret to Them Both

Relax, this won't take long...

Why does my first memory of a relaxer consist of my scalp burning 😒 But it was so worth it afterwards when my hair was suddenly manageable. It would lay the way I wanted, curl the way I wanted and detangle, I mean what was that?

SN: I love Black women for taking what we've got to work with and SLAYing anyways.

Let's talk a bit about what a relaxer actually does to our hair. Your hair is made up of three bonds: hydrogen bonds, salt bonds and disulphide bonds. The mighty trio! Water and heat manipulate the hydrogen and salt bonds which is why your hair is weaker while wet and is sometimes permanently damaged by heat. A relaxer permenantly breaks down the strongest bond, the disuphide bond. This prohibits your hair from reverting back to its natural state (coily). The key to keeping relaxed hair healthy is to always keep in mind that it is weaker and needs special care; so feeding it the nutirents it needs regularly is a MUST. Some cosmetologists recommend a minimum of 8-12 weeks between relaxers and regular deep conditioning treatments (every two weeks) followed by applying a thin layer of Queen's Magic Hair Growth oil to add what I like to call 'hair food' (nutrients) & seal moisture. I use it every other night to massage my scalp.

It's only natural...

Raise your hand if transitioning was the most awkard period during this lifetime relationship with your hair? It was for me. I'd find myself asking my hair things like 'you want a hot oil treatment? massage?' For some reason it wasn't until I was fully natural I felt this sense of true pride in my hair. It was like the REAL me was surfacing. I. Loved. Every. Minute. Of. It.

SN: Have you heard someone say 'going natural isn't for everybody'? I literally have to force myself to ask first 'what do you mean?' so that when my actual response 'I mean it's growing out of your scalp, can't be no more for you than that' doesn't scream 'that's bs!'

Ok, so I'm all natural but no one said this would be an all day kind of hair maintenance thing. What products should I use? Why can't I style my own hair!? It was a hot mess. But the more I grew patient with my hair the more I realized I was overthinking it this entire time. Having relaxed hair expectations on natural hair is the worst thing you can do. That's why keeping it simple has yield the best results for me. When it comes to natural hair the best thing you can do is keep it moisturized, I prefer after deep conditioning to apply a leave-in conditioner and a thin layer of Queen's Magic Hair Growth Oil to add nutrients & seal the moisture.

The Secret to Them Both...

What some Queens don't understand is that you can have healthy relaxed hair and healthy natural hair. Yea, you can. The secret is MAINTENANCE. Let's keep manipulation low and moisturization high. No excessive combing and brushing and absolutely NOTHING tight/pulling on your hair. That means no tight scarfs, tight wigs, tight braids, tight ponytails etc. This decreases breakage and unnecessary shedding. So whether you are #TeamRelaxed or #TeamNatural understand a bomb but simple maintenance routine is the only thing keeping you from healthy hair.

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