The Biggest Shampoo/Cowash Mistake!

It's funny how we carry traditions and techniques from generations to generations never thinking they're wrong or questioning them in any way. Raise your hand if the definition of someone who is AMAZING at shampooing hair is someone who scratches your scalp just right. Do you get all of what has been building up in your hair up with the use or your fingernails during shampoo/cowash cleanse? Well if you answered 'yes' to that question you have committed the most common mistake in the hair cleansing process.

Take your arm and scratch it just as you do your scalp with your fingernails. Once you get over the obvious discomfort you'll begin to see pink/red scratch marks and maybe even puffiness. My skin is pretty sensitive so even when I try to gently scratch my back or leg etc I still feel it afterwards and redness is present. You are literally slicing your top layer of your skin open every time you scratch it vigorously. Your next layer of skin where your hair grows is left

vulnerable. I think it's safe to say that we probably shouldn't use our fingernails when cleaning our scalp.

I've been using a cowash and the fingerprint side of my fingers to clean my hair for over 2 years now and while I use to suffer from flaky scalp I do not any longer. I tried so many different cleansing products and it never occurred to me that it was HOW I was cleansing my hair not with what. Scalp scratching can cause your scalp to get infected, cause inflammation and prevent it from healing altogether so that you never get the results you so desperately want. Prepoo/prewash treatments are really effective methods of getting your scalp ready for cleansing. Not only will it help moisturize your scalp but it'll loosen the build-up making it easier for your shampoo/cowash to do it's job. I only have to cowash ONE TIME now on hair day. So glad we had this talk, wishing life to moisturized scalps and death to dry ones!

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