After suffering an injury that took my ability to walk for 2 months, I was forced to deal with myself without the distractions of the everyday hustle and bustle. It was during this time, I realized that I was severely depressed and it was having a negative impact on my children (my team). I was not taking care of myself and my first step in doing so was to have an intentional washday. It brought me back to why l fell in love with hair in the first place. When I was 11 years old,  my mom and I decided that I could assume responsibility for my hair. I remembered how much I loved the feeling of taking care of my hair, I was proud of myself.  Hair care was my favorite past-time as a child. When I came to this rediscovery, I knew that moving forward, Queen's Magic Hair would stand for women taking back that time of self-care! No more will we allow lack of time or LIFE make us feel like our hair is inconvenient. It is my honor to transform natural haircare as time that we ENJOY with ourselves. 

Charlotte C. Louis
Owner & Founder


Caleb & Zola Darby

Caleb Darby, 6, is the certified cap liner manager and motivational speaker of Queen's Magic Hair. He has 6 years of experience in offering pure joy and loves being a big brother. Every bottle of Crown Growth Oil has a little bit of Caleb's joy in it!

Zola Darby,2 going on 30, is the actual chief executive officer. She ensures the cap liners work preventing leaks and helps to transport the products to our storage facility. Zola oversees all operations but her favorite role is printer duty. Every shipping label must be received and approved by her first.