Charlotte C. Louis
Owner & Founder

   Haircare is self-care is a concept that was born from an injury I suffered almost a year ago that took my ability to walk for 2 months. During that time I was forced to go through changes that would later bring me to the realization that haircare was the first way I learned to care for my self. At 11 years old I remember the pride I had doing my hair for the first time. It was in that space of rehabilitation that reminded me of my 'why' and since then, Queen's Magic Hair has not been the same!


      Not only do we provide moisture retention solutions that encourage a sense of ease and comfort in your natural haircare journey, but we also created a space for black women to thrive in their self-care journey through our Presence Club! As a certified Meditation and Wholeness Coach, I guide our Presence Club members into transformative webinars and meditation sessions weekly to encourage the inner expansion of self! I am taken away that it all started with a bottle of Crown Grown Oil and the passion of a 6 year old who knew her life would be full of service and love to others! 


Caleb & Zola Darby

Caleb Darby, 7, is the certified cap liner manager and motivational speaker of Queen's Magic Hair. He has 7 years of experience in offering pure joy and loves being a big brother. Every bottle of Crown Growth Oil has a little bit of Caleb's joy in it!

Zola Darby, 2, is the actual chief executive officer. She ensures the cap liners work preventing leaks and helps to transport the products to our storage facility. Zola oversees all operations but her favorite role is printer duty. Every shipping label must be received and approved by her first.